3 tips to know what to do if the car is damaged on the road

Driving in Peru is usually a journey, whether the journey is limited to the streets or a road trip. But what can make the ride even more stressful is that in the middle of the journey, a mechanical failure causes the car to stop. There are several answers to that question, it may be a matter of comfort, since the motorcycle occupies less space than a car or just a matter of taste. However, while motorcycles are circulating in the city, insurers must also offer products aimed at them, even if they are more expensive. Do you know how you should act in those cases? Is there anything you can do to prevent your car from being damaged further?

The first thing you should do is stop:

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If the car begins to produce very strange sounds, smoke begins to appear or some other sign that something is wrong, it is best to stop to see what is happening. If it is the same vehicle that stopped without warning, try not to be in a way that bothers the other drivers. Turn off the engine and activate the handbrake to avoid any slippage.

Signal your car: That will help you show the other drivers that you are having an emergency. Turn on the flashing lights and if you carry a signal such as emergency triangles in the trunk, it is a good time to place it near your car.

Call your insurance

Call your insurance

If a car has breakdowns that make you have to stop, it probably isn’t something easy to fix or that you can drive by yourself. The best at that time is to contact your insurer, so they can come to help you. That is the kind of thing in which having insurance takes you out of trouble.

If you still do not insure your vehicle, do not hire the first one that crosses your mind, first compare your options to see which one suits you best.

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